About Us

We are Alejandra & Carlos a husband & wife photo & video team located in Dallas, TX. We work together in our business as full-time photographers! This is literally all we do 🙂We started our photography business 7 years ago. Our shared love for photography is what drew us to each other. It comes as no surprise that we decided to both quit our day jobs 5 years ago to pursue this passion. We have 2 kids! Named Matthew & Juliet. 

It’s the best decision we’ve made aside from getting married. Our love for our work has been an enormous blessing. We were also blessed with the birth of our first-born son, Matthew and we now a lovely princess named Juliet! I’ve always loved the art of photography. It’s in my blood, my father and grandfather were photographers! The magic and creativity of capturing people’s genuine emotions, authentic expressions and experiences is my passion. I enjoy creating art.

Focusing primarily on weddings and special moments, I think of myself as a people’s photographer. I love meeting new people and creating environments to help my clients feel comfortable while being photographed. I strive to hold their special moments with sensitivity and to deliver exceptional quality with exceptional care. I look forward to meeting you and helping you preserve the precious memories of your life.